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We love to develop Websites, Webshops and over all: Software (as a Service). We are the inventors of RELAS-Systems and RELAS-Office.
We designed a new webuser experience. From now, your can use our browser to connect to your business desktop from everywhere. With RELAS you are free to travel the world, but always have our company in your pocket.


Maybe you need your own branded and tailormade business desktop? We created it!

What we do


We develop any Webcomponents you will need. Websites, Webshops, Apps and much more. Have a look at RELAS-Office. You see, no project is too much for us.


We reinvented the user experience in web. Use your browser as a desktop. Simple and effective. We are full of ideas, and we will share it with you.


We are creators. Creating the next big thing. Always. We will create your brand new shop, your tailormade desktop, your webseite. Lets talk about it.

Codamic Innovations

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